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Personal Injury

Iowans have rights when they are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. The Platt Law Firm is your Iowa personal injury attorney. negligence. 


 The Platt Law Firm offers mediation services in Des Moines, Iowa primarily for workers’ compensation cases.



Iowa Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Attorney

When work and personal injuries occur it is important to have a local legal expert on your side to help you navigate your medical treatment and your right to Iowa workers’ compensation and personal injury benefits. The Platt Law Firm, located in Urbandale, Iowa, will work to protect the legal rights of our clients while helping them get the medical treatment they need and a prompt and fair resolution to their claim.

We are here to protect your rights

People don’t plan for the day that they will be injured at work. Most traumatic work injuries come unexpectedly and without warning. Some work injuries are cumulative in nature and happen over the course of days, months, or years. Whatever the case, when you or a loved one is injured, there are many questions that you need answered. You cannot always rely on the insurance company to provide these answers. Do you know the correct questions to ask? Do you know how to protect your rights?

Personal Injury Claims in Des Moines and across Iowa

Suffering a personal injury from car accidents, motorcycle crashes, nursing home abuse, or bicycle accidents in Des Moines is a difficult experience. It is easy to compromise your legal rights without realizing it early in your case. Let The Platt Law Firm personal injury law attorney Urbandale help you with your personal injury case. Get your legal questions answered fast at Platt Law Firm. The Platt Law Firm has been trusted by many people in Des Moines, Urbandale, West Des Moines, and across the state of Iowa.


I was at an end with my work comp claim.

“I was at an end with my work comp claim. Denied by work comp and stuck paying the bills that came with it. I met with Nick and he reassured me that I had a case but it wasn’t going to be easy. Long story short he got me more than I thought I would ever get and he kept fighting and got me even more. Big thank you to him and everyone that works with him. He made it easy and never gave up. I highly recommend stopping in to see him before you go anywhere else. A million thanks to Nick and the Platt Law Firm.”
Nick is a great lawyer.

“Nick is a great lawyer. He was willing to drive to meet with me when I did not tolerate riding in the car. This first impression is why I chose to hire Nick. He always answered my emails, phone calls and questions in a timely fashion. I am so glad that I chose Nick. No matter the outcome of my case, I know that I was represented by a great lawyer. I would highly recommend Nick.”
Nick was great in so many ways.

“Nick was great in so many ways. Communication is key, he followed up every month just to check in even when there wasn’t any new news. He was easy to talk to, available when needed. He has a great staff which also made things easier. I felt he cared a lot about me as a person. When it was all said and done, I feel he got the most for my settlement. It was a win-win situation. I would refer him to anyone in need.”


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