Iowa Workers’ Compensation laws are in place for the benefit of Iowa workers who suffer injuries on the job. If you are injured on the job, your employer is obligated by law to provide you

  • Medical treatment
  • Payment for time off work
  • Mileage to your medical appointments
  • Payment for any permanent disability the injury caused
  • Industrial disability benefits if your ability to find work is impaired

Your employer will not necessarily inform you of all of these obligations when you are injured.

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The Iowa Workers’ Compensation system and can be confusing for workers and attorneys who don’t deal with these cases every day. If you do not have the advice of an expert, it is likely that you will not receive all the benefits that the law allows for your workers compensation injury. Our Iowa workers compensation attorney serving Des Moines, Urbandale and surrounding central Iowa cities as the best workers comp lawyers. Call us for a free consultation now.. For answers to frequent workers’ compensation questions, please go to our FAQ section.